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Photo © Steve Brown Creative

Photo © Steve Brown Creative

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A pilot project delievered in August 2018. Funding: Tesco Bags of Help Foundation (£1K) and ABC funds (£1K). Partners: Protheroe House Care Home. Intergenerational project. 7 – 11 yr olds from Tottenham creating theatre inspired by historical Tottenham landmarks & stories from elders living in a local care home. Outdoor performance at SKFEST community arts festival

Free to attend, Our Tottenham (OT) aims to unite and make a ‘positive contribution’ to the community by promoting the following values: Work as a team; trust & respect each other; listen, support & say thank you; share knowledge and experience.

Children (7 - 11 yrs) local to the area will visit Tottenham landmarks, hear stories from local care home residents about  growing up in the area and use these stories as stimuli to create a theatre piece.

The pilot of this project was a great success and we are currently applying for funding to roll out across Tottenham and into others boroughs.