Remain, Thriving

I’m planning a trip to Brixton station. Not because I love stations but because a friend suggested I take a look at Ankunyili Crosby’s mural ‘Remain, Thriving’ which crosses the expanse of the entrance to the station.

After a quick search online, I found the image. I was taken aback by not only the beauty of the piece but also the numerous stories that can be seen within the image - from the expressions and body language of family members gathered together to the sepia photos dotted around the living room.

My mind immediately started buzzing with ideas for Arts Bridge projects. We’ve never delivered an purely artistic project before but if we are truly engaging communities with the arts then it seems only right that we take a step into the art world.

So if you see a woman at Brixton station, furiously scribbling into a notepad whilst simultaneously staring up at the mural, then it’s probably me!

Amanda Wright